At Hair Directory we believe every hair cut demands gorgeous colour and we specialise in a full range of colour services.  Whether you choose a low commitment semi-permanent colour or a complete colour transformation you will be assured of the perfect look.  Our colour technicians carry out an in-depth consultation and help you choose the right colour service to suit your needs and lifestyle.

Colouring services offered at Hair Directory
Weave Colour
Weaving is the most commonly used technique in our salon which allows us to highlights, to lighten or lowlights to darken your hair.  This allows us to used more than one shade in your hair to create a more natural look.

Creative Colour
Creative colouring holds no limits, it can be seamless a transition from dark to light or bold statement colours! It allows us to create a bespoke colour that is current while following the fashion trends.

Permanent Tint
This is an amazing way to completely change your hair colour, whether you want to lighten or darken existing colour or completely cover your grey hair.  It will always leave you with a beautiful result, shiny, healthier and glossy hair.  After your initial application we would recommend you have your roots touched up approximately ever six weeks to maintain your beautiful colour.

Semi-Permanent Colour
This is a temporary colour that will change your existing shade to a darker, richer, glossier colour while still looking very natural.  Semi-Permanent Colour gradually fades out lasting up to 6 weeks.

Toning allows to change the shade to create the perfect tone for you and removes unwanted yellow/golden tones.   This allow your stylist to create maintain your colour longer and can be used after your colour service and in between colour visits to keep your colour fresh.


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