Winter Hair Care Tips

February 19, 2020

The recent weather has reminded us that winter is still here in the Highlands of Scotland, so, it’s time to enjoy some Winter Hair Care Tips from the professionals at Hair Directory in Inverness.

Winter can be a time of wild weather and unruly hair!  So, why do we need to take more care of our hair in the winter?  Simple, the cold weather arrives and we turn up our central heating.  It’s the constant transition between the warmth of our homes and workplaces to the dry, cold winter air that zaps the moisture from our hair leaving it more susceptible to damage.   How do we minimise these harsh winter effects on our usually luscious, smooth, shiny hair?

Here’s Our Top Three Simple Tips.

Cover Up
A hat is not just an accessory for keeping your head warm in the winter, it’s an important accessory. We should limit the exposure of our hair to rain, snow and frost as these elements are real stress factors for our hair. If not protected from these conditions our hair can become brittle and snap off, leaving your once well manicured hair in need of professional attention.

Weekly Moisturising Treatment
A moisturising treatment is something your hair will thank you for at this time of year.  It will deeply replenish and moisturise dry, damaged and stressed hair, leaving it more manageable through the harsh winter months.  We recommend a weekly visit to the salon and if that’s not possible then simply spend some well deserved time at home every week conditioning your hair. Wella provide a fabulous professional range of treatments which are available to purchase in the salon, we can recommend a product best suited for you. Otherwise, purchase a good leave in conditioner and add a little coconut oil for extra conditioning and leave in for twenty minutes.

Don’t Leave Home With Wet Hair
Not just because “Mum said you’ll catch a cold” because it’s not good for your hair! Taking your wet hair out into the winter elements can make it more vulnerable to breakage. Winter weather can intensify breakage in wet hair and cause it to break off. If you don’t have time to dry it then don’t wash it!

One last thing, don’t forget to stay hydrated.  Your hair needs water just like you do.